[Effective] Collecting cancerous vegetables with good texture

Sansam collected a fistful of his favorite Meowidae (meowidae (Meowidae). I will go down again to plant perilla seeds this weekend, but I have time to collect one with a bunch of kilns. The next generation also love Murwidae. ​ Meowi is a plant that has an excellent effect of reducing inflammation in vegetables and … Read more

“Banana” that an athlete must take

Bananas that athletes must take Korea Food Communication Forum 2022.08.08 Bananas are “Gap” not only before exercising, but also during and after exercising Pottery rich in bananas is effective in preventing muscle spasms The Washington Post recently recommended bananas as an exercise-friendly food ​ The Washington Post, a famous U.S. daily newspaper, recommended bananas as … Read more

Easy to enjoy medicinal crops with excellent aroma and nutrition

Easy to enjoy medicinal crops with excellent aroma and nutrition Rural Development Administration 2022.09.22 ​ Medicinal crops used as raw materials for medicine or medicine are used for treatment and health improvement. The medicinal crops produced in Korea are ginseng, deodeok, balloon flower, bokbunja, turmeric, chamdanggui, jihwang, mugwort, ogapi, cheonggung, baeksuo, sansuyu, cheonma, and Ildanggui. … Read more

The efficacy of Baekhasuo

Baekhasuo, which is loved for its beautiful roots and is widely used for soaking, is one of the herbs with a lot of confusion in terms of its name and efficacy. Herbalists call it Baekhasuo, and in oriental medicine such as Donguibogam, they call it Baekhasuo or Haesuo, but the name of the plant body … Read more